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    eZWalker 3D Visualization Cooperation Platform

    eZWalker 3D visualization cooperation platform independently developed by DMS is internally provided with multiple 3D systemdata, such as XRE rendering core with proprietary intellectual property right, seamless analysis building BIM, factory PIM,machinery and the like.

    1. Detailed information

    eZWalker 3D visualization cooperation platform independently developed by DMS is internally provided with multiple 3D systemdata, such as XRE rendering core with proprietary intellectual property right, seamless analysis building BIM, factory PIM,machinery and the like. Extreme lightweight project model and data can meet multiple commercial purposes of visualization project cooperation of EPC general contractor, 3D review of designer, construction simulation of constructor, visualization operation and training of owner as well as the platform requirement of visualization management of digital assets whole-life period and help the owner reach the target of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0. The platform supports multiple platform-in-one and multiple-terminal accessing. PC terminal and mobile APP can realize the functions of large-scale scene browsing, multiple-person meeting cooperation, human factor engineering inspection, etc. by strong rendering engine algorithm of the terminal program. Meanwhile, it can realize synchronous cloud data with PIM Center/BIM Center factory/building big data visualization management platform independently developed by DMS.


    Multiple analysis formats, self-core industry engine

    eZWalker supports multiple common 3D design softwares inplant, building and machinery industry. It is internally providedwith independent engine and attribute information with loading object.

    l  The entertainment engine, such as Unity 3D/UE4, pays more attention to 3D effect display instead of attribute information of the engineering.

    l  Industrial engine has better performance in aspects, such as display efficiency of local dense large model, complete succession of engineering data, safety and stability of data.


    Lightweight and big data processing technology:

    l  The installation package of eZWalker is just about 100M, so it is smarter and more convenient compared with other navigating software larger than 1 GB.

    l  The lightweight model technology can compress the original model. The compressing ration can reach 10-50 times under the condition of keeping the original data.

    l  When loading model, the infinitely larger model can be supported theoretically by the loading mode based on demands (similar with the loading mode of map).


    Powerful function and easy operation

    l  Obtain the catalogue tree and attribute of original 3D model

    The catalogue structure and attribute information of original 3D model are kept in the model analyzed by eZWalker. It supports to add more attributes manually, so as to provide information foundation for further model and data reusing.


    l  Easy & quick operation

    In the navigating process, the model can be subject to transparency, hiding, color-changing, local cutting, whole cutting and measuring operations.


    l  Efficient model review ability

    In the model review process, the found problems support redline marking function, as well as multi-person nonlocal cooperation reviewing, by which, the review working efficiency can be improved further.


    l  Ergonomics

    eZWalker is set with human factors engineering viewing model complying with the international standard. Ergonomics is also known as Human Factors Engineering. The optimizable point can be found proposed through simulating the actual operation, so as to guide the design and transformation of equipment and facilities, work mode, andthe working environment, improving the efficiency, safety, health and comfort.


    Successful integration cases of eZWalker


    About DMS

    Beijing DMS Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "DMS", Stock Code: 430311) is a professional supplier of providing data visualization technology and application solution in infrastructure field. The company has been committed to through own core technology, basing on the data of infrastructure designing, construction and operation, connecting space(3D)Object(Device) and people with innovation way, provide solution of visualization full life cycle asset management and value promotion.

    Through more than 10 years technology honing and experience accumulation, create “Trinity” of products and services.

    “1” Engine- The world-leading engine eZWalker with fully compatible, light weight and 3D visualization;

    “2” Platform- BIMCenter for building/PIMCenter for plant Big data visualization management platform;

    “3” Application/Solution- Enterprise Asset Management, Project Management System, Collaboration Management System.

    DMS is a national high-tech enterprise and Z-Park high-tech enterprise, which has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other quality system certification. DMS was awarded Best Digital Plant Service Provider 2016 and "Best Application Award of Infrastructure Visualization Asset Management 2016". Subsidiary Sichuan DMS Engineering Design Co., Ltd. is capable of Petroleum and natural gas design qualification.

    Our vision: Make the infrastructure smarter, make our life more beautiful

    Our mission: Empower Infrastructure, Deliver More Satisfactions

    Our values: Customer success, cooperation and innovation, professional concentration

    Our spirit: Sincerity, learning, sharing, acting

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