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    Nov.5-6,2015, the 8th “Autodesk University China 2015” Conference was held successfully in Shanghai. The AU China 2015 Conference is the highest level of top event in innovative design industry in Ch..

  • DMS Attends CoreNet Global China Conference 2015

    Nov.12-13, 2015 the CoreNet Global China Conference 2015 & the Commercial and industrial real estate whole lifecycle Innovation Expo was held grandly at Shangrila in Shanghai.

  • DMS Attends the 4th ARCHIBUS Asia-Pacific Partners’Meeting

    Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2015 the 4th ARCHIBUS Asia-Pacific Partners’ Meeting was held in Shanghai Baolong Hotel. DMS was invited to attend this meeting.

  • Success at your Fingertip with Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

    This is thanks to continuous product development and our dedicated European Intergraph CAS team. We would like to share an success story with you which shows that SmartPlant and CADWorx can co-exist after all.

  • New Autodesk plant design suite 2012 with enhancements

    With Autodesk Plant Design Suite 2012, users can create compelling designs more quickly while sharing data throughout the piping, structural and equipment design processes. By engaging stakeholders at multiple workflow stages, Autodesk Plant Design Suite 2012 helps reduce construction mistakes, expensive reworks and extended plant shutdowns.

  • EWARE will Release AMETank

    AMTank can design 3D model of tank, generate BOM table and estimation report, and publish a series of tank structure drawings. Currently, AMTank can import ETank design files and generate BOM table and 2D drawings.

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