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EWARE will Release AMETank

2015-09-08 15:37:25 DMS Corporation Read

EWARE Corporation(the manufacturer of ETank)is currently cooperating with Technosoft to develop and release AMETank - a new tank designing software.


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AMETank- Tank Designing



AMETank is an application that integrates AMTank with Etank2000, i.e. integrating AMTank features of 3D modeling and drawing publishing into ETank2000. This brand new AMETank features its functions of tank 3D modeling, analysis and assessment, and publishing tank structure drawings. AMETank has the same operation interfaces with ETank, and supports all calculation functions of ETank. It uses the same designing procedure with ETank, and runs standard calculation.


AMETank can help users to design structure details such as adding staircase and platform etc., it can also automatically generate a complete series of equipment structure drawings. EWARE will release two editions of AMETank—the Basic Edition and the Complete Edition. The Completed Edition supports publishing tank structure drawings.


AMETank will be the only tank analysis and assessing application that contains the standards of API-650, API-620,API-653,UL-142,etc. It is capable of designing and analyzing almost all types of large and complex tanks. AMETank will help users accomplish their work with its most friendly GUI and adequate functions.


About ETank
ETank2000 is the No.1 software program for designing or re-rating aboveground storage tanks. Established in 1993 as an inhouse program for a tank fabricator, Etank serves each client with the standard of excellence. Etank began to sell products internationally. ETank's creator and Executive Design Engineer, Jeffcoat Smitt, is a Clemson grad with a bachelor's in Mechancial Engineering, API- 653.


About AMTank
AMTank can design 3D model of tank, generate BOM table and estimation report, and publish a series of tank structure drawings. Currently, AMTank can import ETank design files and generate BOM table and 2D drawings.

Features of AMTank:
1)AMTank can deploy tank fast, and design details of aground vertical tank;
2)AMTank can automatically generate 3D models, assessment of models, structures, assembly drawing, parts lists, and list of materials and weight;
3)AMTank can create initial 3D models by reading ETank files.




About DMS
Our company (DMS) Corporation (Stock Code: 430311) is the provider of the infrastructure whole life-cycle big data management solution and assets management & value promotion solution which is based on the mobile Internet technology. We dedicate to providing EPC and MRO integration software system and engineering optimization solution for customers in the infrastructure field. 
DMS is the first company in China to be the member of PCA & Fiatech ISO 15926 (The International Infrastructure Data Specification Organization), adopting ISO 15926—the international mainstream data standard, combining the mobile Internet technology, and being compatible with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Plant system. And we provide a variety of services, such as multi-specialty engineering collaboration, digitization handover, HSE management and visualized operation and maintenance, etc.

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