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Success at your Fingertip with Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

2015-09-08 15:58:38 DMS Corporation Read

ICAS Europe continues to move forward! Several new wins, such as Nortech, Consub, San Benedetto and Intel are bringing us closer to achieving our goals this year.
This is thanks to continuous product development and our dedicated European Intergraph CAS team. We would like to share an success story with you which shows that SmartPlant and CADWorx can co-exist after all.


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Marijana and Ruud team up for success - armed with SmartPlant and CADWorx

Ruud Patocka (PP&M) came from CapGemini and has been with Intergraph since 1996. His colleague Marijana Eijkenaar has been with Intergraph (ICAS) for 1.5 years and was previously busy selling CADWorx & Analysis Solutions in the Benelux region for Fern, the former COADE reseller in Western Europe. Ruud and Marijana approach the Benelux market as a team and by doing so, successfully seized opportunities in their region for SmartPlant and CADWorx within Fluor, IV Group and Shell.


More products, new clients
Ruud perceived Marijana’s arrival in the team as a new chance for Intergraph Benelux. With the expansion of Intergraph’s product portfolio and now an experienced CADWorx & Analysis sales colleague on site, new clients and different departments within existing accounts could be targeted – with SmartPlant as a high-end solution and CADWorx more suitable for small and medium sized projects. All accounts were discussed openly and assigned according to their potential. Accounts with potential for both, SmartPlant and ICAS, are co-owned. This works successfully for accounts like CB&I, Fluor, IV Group, Nuon, Gasunie and Shell.


The agreement between the two is that Ruud takes charge of all SmartPlant requirements and Marijana of all ICAS needs, while keeping each other updated on all activities. Can it be so simple? Marijana explains: “Continuous communication is key here! To know what happens on either side, SmartPlant and ICAS, is valuable knowledge you can use when speaking to contacts within an account. It also shows the customer an united Intergraph front and highlights not only that we are a strong team, but also that our products work hand in hand.”

The customer decides
Before actually visiting customers together, Ruud and Marijana usually discuss and agree on a joint strategy. Hereby, the focus is on the client’s needs and visions regarding 3D plant design. A point Ruud knows is essential in business. “It is very important to have an account strategy based on the actual requirements of the customer – a crucial factor for a sale and successful, long-term relationships with a company. Too often the focus seems to shift towards promoting Intergraph products rather than trying to understand the customer’s everyday challenges. These considerations take place between Marijana and me long before we even start to discuss which solution would be best suited”, says Ruud.

Marijana and Ruud are very clear about the positioning of CADWorx versus SmartPlant 3D. An account working based on AutoCAD is an ideal opportunity for CADWorx – it is the same access as to SmartPlant Enterprise through SmartPlant 3D. Both colleagues feel that the client should decide on which tool to use. “Both Intergraph products are highly capable solutions and can help companies in different stages on their way to success. Again, the focus for sales should be on “why Intergraph”  and on what we can offer to support companies in the best possible way - not on competing with each other,“ they both agree.


Enjoy your journey
The emphasis is on working as a team to offer the right solution to prospects according to their requirements. This can be CADWorx or SmartPlant, but in any case it will be Intergraph. To visualize this a good comparison is travel: If you use a car or an airplane depends on where you go. If you plan a trip to the other side of the world an airplane is the best choice, but if you need to travel shorter distances using a car is smarter. Both options are efficient depending on your requirements. That is also true for SmartPlant and ICAS – the project scale and size is deciding. Important is that more and more companies of all shapes and sizes choose Intergraph solutions to give them a head start in business.




About DMS
Our company (DMS) Corporation (Stock Code: 430311) is the provider of the infrastructure whole life-cycle big data management solution and assets management & value promotion solution which is based on the mobile Internet technology. We dedicate to providing EPC and MRO integration software system and engineering optimization solution for customers in the infrastructure field. 
DMS is the first company in China to be the member of PCA & Fiatech ISO 15926 (The International Infrastructure Data Specification Organization), adopting ISO 15926—the international mainstream data standard, combining the mobile Internet technology, and being compatible with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Plant system. And we provide a variety of services, such as multi-specialty engineering collaboration, digitization handover, HSE management and visualized operation and maintenance, etc.

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