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2015-12-07 11:41:51 DMS Corporation Read

Nov.5-6,2015, the 8th  “Autodesk University China 2015” Conference was held successfully in Shanghai. The AU China 2015 Conference is the highest level of top event in innovative design industry in China. DMS was invited as its partner to participate in this grand conference.


During the meeting, DMS exhibited the infrastructure total solutions that based on BIM ( Building Information Modeling) , which include eZWalker that is a 3D model online collaborative review system, SYNCHRO that is a 4D visualized construction simulation software, eZFM3D that is a visualized asset and facilities management system based on ARCHIBUS platform, drawing frame standardization system based on AutoCAD platform, the PLMS full life cycle of building solution that is combined with COBie standard, and the Value-added solutions based on Autodesk plant 3d platform which include 3D automatic shearing annotation system : eZOrtho , 3D standard library management system: eZMaterial, Project backup and recovery management system: eZBackup and Materials reporting tool: eZReporter, etc. 





About DMS
Our company (DMS) Corporation (Stock Code: 430311) is the provider of the infrastructure whole life-cycle big data management solution and assets management & value promotion solution which is based on the mobile Internet technology. We dedicate to providing EPC and MRO integration software system and engineering optimization solution for customers in the infrastructure field. 
DMS is the first company in China to be the member of PCA & Fiatech ISO 15926 (The International Infrastructure Data Specification Organization), adopting ISO 15926—the international mainstream data standard, combining the mobile Internet technology, and being compatible with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Plant system. And we provide a variety of services, such as multi-specialty engineering collaboration, digitization handover, HSE management and visualized operation and maintenance, etc. 

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