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eZ Series

  • eZECM

    It offers a structured collaborative management platform that penetrates through user’s organization, which maximizes the working efficiency and minimizes project costs. Also, eZECM can easily manage ..

  • eZOrtho-Auto Drawing Production Tool for 3D Design

    To enhance design work efficiency and ensure the quality of 2D drawing production,avoid errors from manual operation and reworking. DMS corp. developed an auto-drawing production tool—eZOrtho. ZOrtho ..

  • eZIso-Piping Construction Management System

    eZIso is a construction management software special for constructors that can directly add spools on pipes in the ISO drawings provided by upper stream design companies without using other 2D designing or 3D modeling tools.

  • eZECM-Content Management & Collaborative Design Solution

    eZECM is a solution specialized for large-scale and complex engineering projects that guarantees the safety of engineering contents and facilitates the collaboration of all project participants. It of..

  • eZPDMS2CII-Data Exchange Interface Between PDMS and CAESARII

    The seamless cooperation of 3D design software and stress analysis software is becoming the mainstream requirement of pipeline major in design institute. PDMS is the most popular 3D design software; a..

  • eZP3D-Tools kit for AutoCAD Plant 3D

    AutoCAD Plant 3D is a new-generation 3D plant design product developed by Autodesk. eZP3D is a localized tools kit specially developed for AutoCAD Plant 3D that can generate the Bill of Materials, merge AutoCAD Plant 3D Catalogs, batch-import pipeline number and other relevant information, and import PXF files to generate 3D models.

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